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Custom Artwork

PRICING/PAYMENT: custom artwork is the same pricing as other work. The price includes a solid maple frame and delivery. My current inventory lists pricing on sizes I regularly use which can be a good starting point to establish a budget. I can give an estimate for any additional sizes not listed. I

request a deposit of 1/3 of the total cost when I begin, with the balance due upon completion and delivery.

COLOR/COMPOSITION: All of my pieces are original and due to the nature of using found fabric and paper, I cannot recreate a piece exactly. I can create work that is very similar to previous work and I can work in a specific palette. I ask a patron for images of their space and a selection of my previous work that like or dislike. From these sources I am able to direct the course of the artwork, including shapes, colors, patterns that will come together to create the perfect piece for your space. Sometimes, a patron will want to include items of significance in their piece such as family linens, old quilts and clothing, collections of fabric or paper.

TIMELINE: after a deposit is received and all compositional elements are decided upon, I will give you an estimated timeline for completion (normally between 3-8 weeks)

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